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Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

The front tires on a front-wheel drive vehicle accelerate, steer, and help brake your vehicle. Front tires tend to wear down faster than rear tires. Typically rear wheel tires last twice as long as front wheel tires. Ideally, we recommend you replace all four tires at the same time. Rotating your tires helps ensure even wearing for all your tires. If you purchase your tires from us, we will rotate and balance your tires for the life of the tire. We can get you on our rotation plan where we keep track of your rotations and do them every 6,000 miles or every other oil change, for most customers. Most customer schedule their services together so they only make one trip. Contact our staff to get your tires rotated.

How do I know when to rotate my tires?

Follow your vehicle's owner's manual suggestions, rotate them with every other oil change, or rotate them every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. If your on our rotation plan, we will put a reminder sticker in the corner of your windshield.

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